The Board of the Commission comprises of;

  •  The Chairman
  • The Secretary who shall be the Director-General of the Commission.
  • One representative each of;
  • the Ministry of Health, not below the rank of a Director
  • the Ministry of Economic Planning, not below the rank of a Director
  • the Ministry of Justice, not below the rank of a Director
  • the Ministry of Education, not below the rank of a Director
  • the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association, Edo State Branch
  • the Nigerian Labour Congress, Edo State Chapter
  • the Trade Union Congress, Edo State Chapter
  • the Edo State Civil Society Organizations
  • A representative of the NHIS
  • A representative of the office of the Secretary to the State Government, not below the rank of a Director
  • A representative of the Office of the Head of Service not below the rank of a Director
  • A representative of Edo State House of Assembly, not below the rank of a Director

The Director-General is the Chief Executive/Accounting officer of the Commission. The Commission has Eight established departments, for now, headed by Eight Directors. Other Departments may be created in the nearest future for effective service delivery.

 The Departments of the Commission are;

  • Department of Healthcare services, standards and claims management
  • Department of Administration and Human Resources
  • Department of Finance and Accounts
  • Department of Planning, Research and Statistics.
  • Department of Legal Services and Dispute Management
  • Department of Business Development and Marketing
  • Department of Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Department of Information Communication Technology and Customer Support

Healthcare providers under the scheme are classified into;

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary
  3. Tertiary
  4. Diagnostics
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Preventive and life-style medicine
  7. Home care and Geriatric Services
  8. Emergency ambulatory Services.

This classification is based on the infrastructure, equipment and human resource present in a facility. Some of the recognized Primary Healthcare (PHC) facilities are publicly owned and controlled by Edo State Primary Health Care Development Agency (EDSPHCDA)  and privately owned PHCs that have been contracted by the Commission. Some of the recognized Secondary health care (SHC) facilities include Public General hospital and its equivalents and privately owned hospitals equipped to offer designated specialist services. A secondary facility can render the same services as a Tertiary. Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics will provide services based on referrer from health care providers. The Health Insurance Scheme will be responsible for claims reimbursement for the Emergency Ambulatory Services credited under the scheme


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